Thursday, March 01, 2007

Help Me Help Myself (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love Linen Pants)

Um. Yeah. I kinda... um... turned my Windows browsing into Windows shopping this week. Oops. The itch turned into a scratch, and I heeded the call to action. But, the good news:

a.) It's all work-friendly and perfect for spring and summer.
b.) I put very little of it on my credit card - huzzah to at least being sorta financially responsible.
c.) I got LOTSA discounts! Yay me!

So, where's the beef, you might ask? Follow me on a recap of what was a true Fashion Binge:


($53, Soundgirl)
I couldn't get this out of my head for DAYS. I knew it had to be. I can't WAIT to experience its gentle, comfy warmth! It's very Lily Allen, no? (Hopefully that'll be a good thing).

($29, Mi & Rena)
Looks cute and comfy and easily adapatable to the seasons. Yay!

I used a discount code and saved myself: $8.61


($33.50, Soundgirl)
I HAAAAAAAATE shorts, so I've resigned myself to wearing sundresses and skirts (MUCH more on that below).

($26.50, Lush)
I caved and bought this. I love the color combo. This combo and turquoise + red can't be underestimated. Loves! Hopefully the boobers action won't be too severe, and if so, hopefully that can be rectified by a Federline tank (I sorta hate the term "wife beater," yet "white tank" lacks the descriptive powers of that more un-PC term.)

What I DIDN'T buy:

($72, Jeffrey Campbell)
So... hard... to... resist. But I DID it! Hootyhoooo!

Bonus: Free shipping!


There's absolutely no good excuse for buying these. A total impulse buy. I need more t-shirts like Brooklyn needs another baby.

What I didn't buy:

Why? Because it's sold out. Frowny face! But check out the other ones! Tres "Easy Rider."

Oh yeah. Total savings: 10% from a coupon, I think.
Okay. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I even shopped here, let alone how much shit I bought. 75% of the merch here is totally Mom-jeansesque. And UGH those fucking poly chiffon tops with the fucking beading and those long-ass Stevie Nicks velvet skirts, again with the fucking beading. Gah!!! Wait... make that ... 92% of everything on this site sucks. But there is actually that slim 8% that is, to me, acceptable. You'll note that everything I bought was a basic piece that can be coordinated and accessorized accordingly until maximum cuteness has been achieved. (And you know I'll do it, too.) Plus, J.Crew and Banana Republic often crank out totally boring -- I'm talking Norton's Anthology levels of boredom -- shit and peeps be all up in that shit, snatching up $88 generic, solid-colored skirts like they were piping-hot platters of cornish hens with copious sides of greens and potatoes for days during a tragic olde-tymey famine. But I digress. And anyway, I don't need to justify myself to you, okay?

Right. (Help!?)

Got this in grey.

Got this one in olive. How cute will this look with little black ballet slippers, um, and NOT white espadrilles. Gah! White!? Really?? And that chick looks like Rachael Ray. Snoozetown.

Got this in turquoise and green. Again, with cute little flats and a solid black tank? Adorable City, USA!

I got these in taupe. And they're linen. I know. You're maybe thinking: "Taupe? Isn't that just another word for 'boring'?" You're also maybe thinking: "Ew. Linen?" And maybe also "Why am I still reading this? Shouldn't I be reading the Times or something instead?" Well to answer your first question, I'd consider these to be more of a Stone or a Slate or Shale or some other fashionable geological hue. And I know. Linen, especially in pant form, basically sucks. But these look super soft and comfie. If they prove totes heins, they'll go right back to the questionable site from whence they came. And to answer your last question: I don't know... and Yes.

I got these in Olive. Again, because they look comfie. Will I utilize the magic convertible function of these pants? Um, no. Convertibles are for cars, not clothes. Probably the only thing more embarrassing than owning convertible pants is wearing that do-rag and crappy t-shirt too. Plus, after buying taupe linen pants, who fucking cares at that point, you know?

I've been looking long and hard for a spring-y coat. Hopefully this'll be perf. And I'm still super stoked over the winter trench I got here, and it's garnered many compliments, so hopefully this'll pick up where that left off.

What I DIDN'T buy:

An unseen force has attracted me to these. Probably the same enigma that guided my hand toward the taupe linen pants. Sigh.

Discount: Coupon code 1651-00000-0368 for free shipping!

K. I'm tired. Help. Nighty night...


ambika said...

Ok, 1, deep breaths. Shopping is not a crime.

2? Cute stuff. I just bought a totally needless tee at Target the other day with a cool metallic bird on it. I've worn it half a dozen times since so I figure that excuses the cost.

3, La Redoute does suck balls but for the absolute basics. The only thing is their sizing chart is way off so the one order I placed I had to send everything back b/c I was swimming in their crap.

And, D, J.Crew does suck for charging 30 bucks for a tee I can get at JC Penney for five. But, ew, JC Penney...

Anonymous said...

I love these fashion ideas!

Anonymous said...

I personally find the name of your page incredibly offensive and untasteful. The fact that you would manipulate an eating disorder to create a "hip" name for your little blog is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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