Friday, March 02, 2007

(Non)Shopper's Lament

Oh, man. Tamron has me feeling shameful. I'm not keeping up! I have been such a good little nonshopper in the past few weeks (months, even!), what with trying to save money and having to downsize my closet space for a move. How boring. Also makes me a bad fashion blogger, huh? Here's the one thing I recently allowed myself.

American Apparel turtleneck dress, $40. Swingy shape; thick, comfy cotton; cozy turtleneck. I love this dress. And the first day I wore it, I saw a co-worker wearing the same one in another color. Recommended! And FYI, they have way more colors in the store. I got it in brick red after a fierce internal debate.

And that, unfortunately, is all I have. Hey Tams, wanna go shopping soon? Like, IRL? I know it's hard, but step away from the computer!

1 comment:

Trendini said...

Love. it. Thanks for mentioning this. I have finally, 2 year later, succumbed to leggings and am currently on the lookout for what to wear with them. This is not too short, not too long and perfect for this half spring half winter we are having.

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