Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Metallics Done RIGHT

I'm now also contributing to another fashion blog, though it's more of a general style blog (don't worry: I'm still keeping it really really real over here, y'all!), and I already touched upon my loathing of metallics. Well, not all metallics. Metallic leggings for one.


I have to express some seriously lady love and give credit to two these ridiculously fucking "fetch" metallic pieces:

($596, Sass & Bide, -- scroll down)
GOD I love this dress. I NEVER thought I'd sanction a banded bubble dress, but, well... looks like I am! It's super pricey, yes, but... I do have a wedding coming up, and who says you can't roll up to a wedding looking like one of Jem's Misfits? And I DID just get my tax return...

($330, Gigi Favela,
Mirrored pumps! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

This serotonin molecule necklace is hilarious but it appears to be sold out. GREAT! Just ANOTHER thing to be depressed about!

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