Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Things to Buy That Are Either Orange, Red, British, Bags and/or Cute

Hi y'all! Sorry for the brief hiatus, but I was in Burlington, Vermont. Fashionable? No. Snowy and sweet? Definitely. With great sandwiches everywhere we went.

Okay. Let's get RIGHT to it!

($253, Dutchy,
A gorgeous staple of a bag, but cost prohibitive por moi, I'm afraid.

(Apprx $70 USD,
Simple. Suede... SOLD!

(Apprx $67 USD,
This wouldn't usually be my thing, but I think it'd look smart with an all-black outfit and denim jacket, maybe. It looks like the sort of bag Banana would sell out in a minute despite a $268 over-price point.

Cheap and chic, no? (Courtesy of Budget Diva.)

How pretty pretty is this? Classy, no? Has anyone bought anything from this joint? This seems like it'd be nice, unless it looks like a sack of crap.

(Apprx $23 USD,
This is so presh, and wouldn't it look super-duper cuters with a 3/4-length solid trenchcoat for Spring! Sorta like either of these, no?

($44, BB Dakota,

Please note: these two jackets count as "cute," since they're not British, orange, red or bags.

K. Back to bags...

($117, Paul's Boutique,
I really adore this peacock bag and some of the other Paul's Boutique bags that Asos is carrying. Including this one:

($128, Paul's Boutique,
Cute also. These remind me of Betsey Johnson bags.

(Apprx $11.50 USD, Fluff,
OMG. This widdle guy is SO cute! And look! He's crying! Maybe he wouldn't be if you bought him!

($104, Halsea,

($39, no brand, eBay)
I bought this bag! While I LOVE orange, it's a bit more traffic cone orange than autumn-y orange, but it's super soft, and I've gotten lotsa compliments on it so far. Yay! Here's the seller from whom I bought it.


(Louis Vuitton, Crazy $) has a gallery of the 40 MUST! HAVE! BAGS! for SPRING! A Louis Vuitton laundry bag is just wack. I don't care if it's made out of the softest leather five thousand thrown-away dollars can buy, or made from Jesus tears or what. It's lame. Abi of this blog has more on this totes (har) folly.

(Apprx $65 USD,
Very adorbs! Would look just SWEET as pie with some skinny black jeans (oh... who am I fooling... with leggings too!) and a fun yellow top, maybe? P.S: I LOVE that bold solids are in for Spring! YAY! Also... please note: these are British.

($311, Sretsis,
Very Heidi of the Mountains.

I know I should totally be getting over cutesy tees, but this is extra true in my case, as this is my home state. Holla!

($74, Disney Couture,
As much as I LOATHE Disney, this is really cute... But... don't forget... I know a certain SOMEONE who also has lotsa rad jewelry for sale for MUCH less!... Let's take a quick sidetrip... shall we?

($32, Me!)

($18, Me!)

($24, Me Again!)

($40, Meee!)


($41, Eveyln,
Scroll down for these... super cute!


($27, Vintage,
Um, hi. Could this be the cutest thing ever? I think yes.

I lied. The turtle skirt WASN'T the last item on this mammoth list. This skirt is. Because it's so NOT cute it's almost scary. Why would I add this? In case you needed a break from all that cuteness.



Felicia said...

You're right about that huge polka skirt. I can't image any but the tiniest butts looking good in that.

Candid Cool said...

the 3rd down is very grown up kind of cute.

and i wish the pirate necklace went vertical instead

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