Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Perfect Shoe?

I have never had the perfect pair of nice red shoes, I don't think. Thinking back, I recall a pair of slip-on Diesel sneaks that were awesome (but smelly, eventually); a pair of shitty vintage pumps whose soles fell apart on the first wearing (ah, vintage); a pair of woven leather Dolce Vita moccasins that are comfy as hell but sorta make my feet look fat and are difficult to keep on the feets -- and that's it. I did frequently borrow a pair of Tamron's when we were roomies back in the day: Red heels can really pump up a black-pantsed professional look, and are of course great with jeans for going out, etc. But then she moved and I was s.o.o.l. God, I miss those days of a double shoe wardrobe. And so it is with great glee that I present these fabulous Seychelles peep-toe kitten heels, criminally overlooked by Ms. Lohan in her recent roundup. Are they not just perfect?! I love them so, and they shall be mine in three to five business days. $64.95 plus free shipping! Whee!

They don't give you the pic with the best view of it in big form, but here it is in itty-bitty format anyway.

Totally cute, right?
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