Thursday, April 19, 2007

Giraffes & Guns & Colorblocks, Oh My!

Many more things that I want, and a few I definitely don't.

($395, Tory Burch,
Soooo fun. Sooo out of my price range.

($90, Toss Designs,
Cheaper, but less cute. If any of you savvy shoppers come across any under-$100 giraffe bags, holla at a Jew.

($298, AKA New York,
Sigh. Just another reason to love AKA New York. And those wider straps -- yay! Conceals necessary bra straps! I love this so much that I started singing "Colorblock, colorblock" to the tune of "Lollipop." I'm an idiot.

(Apprx $293 USD, Marc By Marc Jacobs,
This is terrible. The colors rule, but the pilgrim-esque tie and ruffle sleeves are a total shanda.

(Apprx $1,222 USD, Clare Tough,
But of course, not as much of a fashion fuck-up as this. There are just no words...

(Apprx $289 USD, See By Chloe,
What Would Mischa Barton Do? Probably wear this. Doesn't mean you need to make the same mistake too.

($131, Nicole Miller, Bluefly)
Yeowch. Bad news bears. That lime green is blinding. These colors are best left to boys' swim trunks. Did Baby Spice not wear this in that one Spice Girls video where they were hooking around in the desert??

($147, Nicole Miller, Bluefly)
MUCH better, Nicole. This looks like a great year-round piece.

($88, Max & Cleo, Dillards)
I actually like this, for some reason, though I think it'd look better on you darker-skinned laydays.

($120, Donna Morgan, Dillards)
This actually looks like it'd be super flattering. Yay!

(Apprx $407 USD, Marc By Marc Jacobs,
I sorta like these. Someone, please, knock 'em off soon! (Lookin' in your direction, Forever 21!)

($600, Campise,
I Heart That reported that Lindsay Lohan likes this. So do I. Now, Lindsay also probably likes licking cocaine off the back of a dirty toilet in the Lower East Side. That's where our similarities end. But, despite the tragedy at Tech (eek! I found this beforehand, I swear!), I do enjoy this necklace. And lucky you, turns out I made one like that MONTHS ago:

Look at me, saving YOU $576!!


Jessica said...

I am loving those gun necklaces even though they seem a bit expensive. I like the concept a lot.

JP said...

Love the gun pendants and those shoes! Ah! Heaven!

The Binge needs its own banner image so people (like me) can advertise/link to the site on their blogs :-)

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

You don't need no stinkin' banner image to link! Link like the wind! =)

But we are working on it (and have been for, oh, ever)...

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