Friday, April 20, 2007

Penney's Takes Manhattan

JC Penney's, a store I haven't stepped foot in in possibly 20+ years, is dropping anchor in MAN.HA.TTAN. Seriously. In one of the sorriest shopping spots in the city, the Manhattan Mall, no less. I say sorry, but I'm not above it. Especially now that it'll probably have a Sephora (news byte TWO for those keeping track), since many Penneys now rock their very own cosmetics nirvana! (Wha??) I had no clue. A department store I expected to either get swallowed up in a McMerger or go down the tubes completely is actually swinging in the opposite direction and thriving against all odds. And they teamed up with Sephora last year (who knew!? Not me!) Again, while I haven't seen the inside of one a Penney's since I could fit into Buster Browns (which my mom probably bought me from a Penneys sometime during the early Reagan admin), apparently they've gotten cute and have some Nicole Miller specialty lines and stuff. Is this not totally cute?

($90, Nicole Miller fer JCP, Reported by
Regardless of the above evidence, The Budget Fashionista is NOT feeling the Nicole Miller.

Anyway, I'm not above much -- (hell, I've bought shoes in that scary Square 1 establishment) certainly not checking out the JC to the P when its doors swing open. I just hope there's a photo studio.

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