Thursday, April 19, 2007

Three Stores x Three Sales = Eleven Ways to Spend Money

I try to be all organized and focused most of the time, but sometimes Miss Bloggability gets me all scatterbrained and fashion-crazed. And so, a few things I may or may not purchase:

Thattaway skirt by Fei, $64.95.

Flickering Lights scoopneck, $64.95. So perfect with jeans. Maybe even white jeans! Yay summer!

Binoculars tunic, $64.95. I'm sensing a trend in the sale pricing here.

Lithe blouse, you guessed it, $64.95. I love how feminine and pretty this is.

Points of Interest scoopneck blouse by Little Yellow Button, $44.95. Love the contrasty print.

I adored these totes when they first came to my attention a while back, but who's gonna pay eighty bucks for a canvas tote bag? I might be convinced to drop half that, though. Circles tote, $39.95.

River birds tote $39.95.

Next we move to Metropark, some sort of streetwear emporium. I dig this tie-waist bolero sweater from Triple Five Soul. Only $39.98!

This is going to appeal to the teens or Tamron clones out there: Wound Up flight bag by Harajuku Lovers, $22.98. Down from $74, don'tcha know.

White cutout sparrow necklace, $19. Not on sale but cheap enough that it could be!

Okay, now this next store is somewhat dubious, but I did get a pretty cute empire-waist dress from there recently, so fuck it. I'm confessing. I have, at least once in my life, shopped at New York & Company. Most of it is horrible corporate-casual shite, but they do have one or two cute things. And they've got a huge sale going on right now.

The Seaport jacket in denim, $19.98.

Eyelet skirt in black or white, $22.17.

Polka-dot strapless sundress with fitted bodice and empire waist, $35.40.

And you can save an extra 20% off everything with coupon code 8838. You're welcome!

What not to get:

Stretch short-sleeve shirt, $17.70.


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