Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Shoesday

Yay! Shoes! A subject that needs absolutely NO introduction. But if I were to summarize, I'd say... flats, skimmers, a whole lotta Seychelles and a few out of seasons. So let's step to it, eh?

($65, Nicole, Lulusfashionlounge.com)
Perfect height (I HATE the super stacked platform wedges, for me at least), fantastic neutral, and non-nauseating use of snakeskin!

($62, Seychelles, Lulusfashionlounge.com)
The Seychelles Barefoot in the Park is one of the few shoes I've ever discovered that I want to buy in every color. Case in point:

($69, Seychelles, Solestruck.com)

($68, Seychelles, Kitson.com)
Tee hee! More Seychelles! These would be named: Always A Lady

($32, Charles David, Delias.com)
Cute AND a steal!

($79, Seychelles, Solestruck.com)
I couldn't resist! More yellow! More Seychelles! More cutes!

($29, eBay)
I sorta liked the fun Florida bubbe colors here, until I realized they're also EYELET! NOOOOOOOOO!

($58, Exchange By Charles David, Zappos)
As I've previously posted, I am NOT a flip-flop fan. But... I sorta like the preppiness of these Charles David flops.

($174, Miss Sixty, Shoebungalow.com)
Great in theory, probably a hot mess in practice.

($99, Via Spiga, SmartBargains.com)

($107, Exchange By Charles David, Zappos.com)
Absolutely no clue why I like these. Actually, I'm not even sure I do.

($79, Seychelles, Solestruck.com)
Want want want want.

($69, Seychelles, Solestruck.com)
OMG. Madonna shoes. WANT! I totally had jelly shoes of this variety when I was a wee one. Oh man I want I want I want. I understand that with such great power comes great responsibility. I promise to use that power for good and not evil (evil being pairing with leggings like these.
Or these.

And finally, something I most decidedly DO NOT want:

($249, Roberto Cavalli, eBay)
Mine eyes!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i bought two pairs of of flats (black and off white) that look exactly like the $65 Nicole flats you have here for $15 at Marshalls! I can't remember the brand. Something like "Laundry" I love them.

Tamron Lohan said...

OOH! sweet tip! Thanks! they were probably chinese laundry

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