Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SHOE COUP UPDATE! (Also: Dresses!)

OMG, I'm fully KVELLING over here, y'all! After I finished my shoe post late last night, and after I contained my shoe boner over these Seychelles flats:

I found myself -- as many of us up late on the Innertube often do -- searching for porn. Now my porn does not consist of man meat or massive mammaries or group wankings or water sports, mind you. I'm talking shoes. My porn is pumps, k? Online shoe sales are my fluffed-up, misted-down naughty hot bodies.

So you can IMAGINE the ... um... rush of blood to my head when I searched for the aforementioned pornographic piece and FUCKING. FOUND. THEM. ON. SALE. FOR. SEVENTEEN. BUCKS. Oh yes. Right fucking here at Dillards.com What wha??? I love you, Dillard's! And I love you, shoe porn! And you, Seychelles. I love you most of all!

K, now that I've chayled a bit, here are some dresses.

($158, Eliza J, Nordstrom.com)
I know it's sorta cupcakey, but I love the '50s feel.

($47, Aqua, Bloomingdales.com)
Super cute jumper, very all-seasons.

($106, Lynn Ritchie, Bloomingdales.com)
Hm. I know I said that giraffes are basically the permanent new black, but I can't tell if I like this dress or not. Yay or nays, y'all??

($198, Single, Bloomingdales.com)

($298, Ya-Ya, Bloomingdales.com)
I'm sorry, but this is just a hot mess. You can just tell Carmen Kass is like "If my career has really come to modeling mommy mumus, then I am firing my agent, post haste!" Worst.

Finally finally: Fred Flare free shipping! Use promo code Mom.0407 for free UPS ground shipping.


ambika said...

At that price, I totally would have gotten them. Alas, not in my size. Damn.

dina said...

I have a same model josef seibel shoes...great!

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