Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Cutesday!

Ok. That hed was a stretch. Anyway, three things I really really want.

($10, Fredla.com)
Deliciously cute coin purses! Now, strawberries and apples -- par for the course when it comes to fruit stuff. But EGGPLANTS? How often do you see a non-edible eggplant?? Come on. This is so cute it's practically sick.

($60, Olasdesign.com)
Super crafty and talented artist Rochelle Durst makes rad bags in such happy, fun fabrics. Buy this and/or other Olas bags at Olasdesign.com.

($168, French Connection, Nordstrom.com)
Speaking of happy colors and happy places: French Connection's (or FCUK) "Bright Carol" dress is blowing my mind with its awesome cut and stained-glass print. WANT WANT WANT!


1 comment:

Stoked American said...

That dress. I hate you, Lohan.

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