Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another Word From Our "Sponsors"

... and ...

Okay, so I guess technically, legally, they're not our sponsors, but they DID give us some awes shit for our party, which you MAY OR MAY NOT have heard about...

Anyway, we're not just hawkin' chicken cutlets here, y'awl. So lemme intro you to two of our fave brands who bigged it up and gave us so adorbs stuff that we are passing along to YOU (should you win our astoundingly cool raffle).

First... Soundgirl... One of our fave brands. They're based in NYC and design fun, sporty and above all... ridiculously cute but not too too cutesy pieces inspired by music (hence the name). And their stuff comes in colors and shades with PRESH names like "poodle" and "buttercup" and "cake batter." AND, while I would seriously NEVER otherwise suggest that ANYONE sign up for ANY sort of e-mailing list whatsoever under any circumstances, theirs actually has really great record recs by bands like Peter Bjorn & John, RJD2, Cat Power, Chin Up Chin Up, Apostle of Hustle, Of Montreal, Bloc Party, Blonde Redhead and other really not sucky bands. You can listen to their online MP3 jukeboxs (which actually WORKS and doesn't choke and sputter for 15 minutes) and basically have your own rad little online radio station minus the annoying commercials. And you can download their mixes too. They also give out free CD samplers -- we also MAY have some of those fer you too. Anyway, here are some of our fave pieces. We've got some for you. Which? Guess you better show up and find out.

($27, Soundgirl,

($38, Soundgirl,

Their Rita dress isn't available yet, but it will be soon at At least it'd better be!

($48, Soundgirl,
I'm about five seconds away from buying their Driftwood jean.

($33, Soundgirl,
... And about six seconds away from buying these. (I don't care if skinny jeans are supposedly not "in" anymore. Those high-waisted jeans are horbs.)

($58, Soundgirl,
Gah! The sweetness of the Sweet Talk tank dress! Tomboy rugby stripes meets tough-girl cutersness!! And the fun buttons!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

($44, Soundgirl,

($32, Soundgirl,

We could go on, but we're long-winded enough as it is. Remember: some of this stuff we have (for you), some of this stuff we wish we had (and will probably end up buying at some point).


Yak Pak
Woah. We had no freakin' clue that Yak Pak got SO cute. And we're glad we do have a clue, since we want just about every bag they make. And, they happen to make just about every one of their great styles (love the Zephyr and the tote that zips up!) in every one of their ridiculously great patterns and colors. A few examples of some of the bags we love, again... some we have FOR YOU, some we don't.

($33, Yak Pak,

($25, Yak Pak,

($36, Yak Pak, Delias)

($34, Yak Pak,

($27, Yak Pak,

($36, Yak Pak,


FYI, our fave style is the Zephyr. Check out the Yak Pak site for all your mix-and-match and buying needs.

Okay, now for a quick Awful/ Awesome:

($136, Rachel Pally,
I don't care if you've got a body like Jessica Alba and a face like an angel. This dress is awful.


($99, Julie Brown,
Not too seasonal, but who cares? It's gorgeous and under $100!


($395, Marc Jacobs, Nordstrom)
Utterly awful.


Tim Gunn's style book!!!!! OMG! Best! It's called Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style and it's avails at Amazon or anywhere else fine reality TV-based literature is sold.

And if that weren't enough TG-related news, dude's also got a MAKEOVER show coming up on July 1st! Gold googly moogly! A better marketing gimmick there never was! Between those two newsbytes AND the Fashionbinge party, Could this summer get ANY better?

See y'awl Friday!

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