Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Apparel: On Again!

Why is it that most of American Apparel's stuff is so laughably bad, or just boring and overpriced, or same shit different season (I'm looking at you, interlock high-waisted skirt!)...and then every once in a while they'll come out with a few fascinating items? They're like a bad boyfriend you just can't help going back to. I'm still in love with my turtleneck dress and sad I can't wear it all summer, not to mention my versatile wrap dress. Here's a few things I'll be stopping in to test drive, maybe as soon as tonight!

This might just be the dress of the summer. My summer, anyway. Uh, is orange my color? Maybe i'll go with midnight... Melange jersey sleeveless funnel neck shift dress, $34.

This is either a great dress in desperate need of accessories or the dress version of hospital scrubs. Can't really decide which. But what's with the "currently not available in color shown"? They've only got black or sand, and white is coming soon? Hello, where's the navy (my current obsession)? Poplin cross-front dress, $36.

Ahhhhhh! It's the perfect work cardigan! The bright, contrasting buttons are a little slice of genius. Solid rib oversize pocket cardigan, $38.

This girl gets the scary model award (in addition to the worst bangs award), but the shirt is actually pretty cute. Sheer jersey chiquita top, $16 (on sale!).

And here it is, the most inadvisable piece of clothing at American Apparel:

After all, even the gold lamé shorts you can layer. The only thing worse than these cotton spandex jersey high-waisted hot shorts, $22, would be the same thing in one of the "coming soon" patterns: rainbow stripes. Simply horrendous.

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