Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lovely In Leopard Prints

Recently at work, a friend mentioned -- in passing mind you -- her quest to find a pair of red and black leopard print flats. Somehow that same unseen force that grips you and renders you incapable of turning off the TV during the Lifetime original TV movie, "Life Is Not a Fairy Tale: The Fantasia Barrino Story" grabbed hold of me yet again and guided my hand through over an hour's worth of online browsing. While I netted (har) almost no worthy results (defeat!), I did find tons of other totally worthy animal print stuff (success!)

First, a few words about animal prints, especially leopard print. First of all, I think it goes without saying that when wearing animal prints, it's a crime -- nay, a SIN! -- to wear more than ONE animal print item at a time. I can specifically remember being at a party late last year and noticing a girl wearing what would've been an otherwise totes acceptable outfit -- black pants, a white button-down, and some leopard print flats. BUT... horror of horrors: her bag... was... ALSO leopard print. NO NO NO! A WORLD of no. I HAD to point out the gaffe to SOMEONE, and since I was at the party with my boyfriend, I settled for telling him. Even he got it. And quickly. Please, don't let be that girl. When it comes to animal prints, remember: One or NONE!



($36, Papillon,
If you described this dress to me, I'd think it was totally fugzville. But it turns out that while in theory, the idea of a leopard-and-flower print sundress would be terrible, I actually think this is adorablay and beyond.

($57, Hell's Belles,
With an all-black outfit and denim jacket? Suuuper cute.

($104, Hell's Belles,
While this bag is definitely pushing the farthest reaches of my rockabilly sensibilities, I do think it's fun. Especially the wallet. Though I do feel like I almost be compelled to go to Lucky Cheng's or something just to show this bag a good time.

($108, Tyler,
This was one of the most high end examples of the leopard print flats I found. They're definitely purdy, but it wasn't difficult at all to find totes similar versions.

($22, eBay)
Just one example.

($29, eBay)
Dudes, I actually really love these. They'd look tight with some darker skinny jeans. They also come in other colors like beige and yellow.

($18.99, Vinci, Amazon)
Nice n' easy. I like the brown bows too.

($24.99, Mossimo, Target)
The always-dependable Targs comes through with the Dodie peep-toe wedge. Done and done!

($60, Naughty Monkey,
A classic case of "I'd really need to see those in person." But, they could be cute. Or they could look too much like dog and not leopard spots (bad). Also, I grew up being taught that leather shoes were GOOD. And people, not shoes, are vegetarian. But if that's your thing, go 'head.

($129.95, Faryl Robin,
Okay, these technically aren't animal prints, but from afar you could totally mistake these wedges as such. So, I'm throwing them in. I sincerely adore Faryl Robin. I'll say it again.

They're also amazing in "apricot"

($129.95, Faryl Robin,

($59, Michael Kors,
These tiger print slides are fucking rad.

($63.95, Luichiny,
I found these Luichiny Maddie flats everywhere, especially in the leopard style above. (Shoebuy appears to have the best price on them, by the way -- over $10 less than Zappos). I also found lots of the rather off-putting blue and silver spotted version, which actually grew on me:

But has them in six different styles, including zebra, which I really hate. But I truly heart the orange/gold style the most:

(Apprx $42, eBay)
These are just too delightfully trampy to pass up. They're so fun yet SO impractical. The first and last time I wore a pair of wedges that high, I made it about 15 feet outside of my building in the morning before I carefully turned around and tottered back home to change into some *slightly* less senseless footwear.

(Apprx $19, eBay)
Possibly more slightly yet LESS impractical than the above shoes.

... And finally, should you need to cool off after all that animalistic shoe shopping...

($49, Target)

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Sophie said...

After seeing Helen Mirren wearing leopard-print flats in the NY Times magazine a few months ago, I too was gripped by that force... Still trying to find the perfect ones, though.

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