Friday, May 25, 2007

Neutrals, Part 2: In the Clear

I put "clear" in the neutral category, because really, does it get much more neutral than clear? And there's SO much clear jewelry going around these days. Here's just some of the stuff I love.

Gotta love an entire charm necklace made of clear lucite!! And gotta love that it's from, who JUST SO HAPPEN to have given us some great stuff to raffle off at the MUCH discussed FASHION BINGE party occurring on this day in history, Friday, 5/25.

You either need to adjust your monitor or click, because these clear pieces barely show up. Which is sorta the point.

($8.80, Forever21)

($7.80, Forever 21)

($5.80, Forever 21)

($7.80, Forever21)
Totes hearts! Forever 21 also had a bunch more clear stuff, none of which properly showed up, so here they are:
* $5.80 Faceted Lucite necklace
* $6.80 Miranda necklace 1 and $7.80 Crystal necklace 2
* $6.80 Crystal necklace
* $5.80, Monique necklace

And here's a Delia's necklace that's also cute, clear and cheap.

Yay Target! This lucite necklace is also great. It's $31.99.

($4.50, Claire's)
I'm not too proud to go to Claire's for this $4.50 Betty Rubble bracelet!

($75, Betsey Johnson,
Betsey Johson is usually anything but neutral, but this is as close to it as she gets. I really love this piece.

Yeah it's not "clear" or beige or tan or whatever, but it's close enough, and OMG I want this necklace.

(Starting bid $15.99, eBay)
This vintage Bakelite pin is pretty much perfect.

(Starting bid $25.99, eBay)
As is this vintage Courreges ring. Sigh.


(Starting bid $19.89, eBay)

($675, Joan Hornig,
Yay, pretty. Boo, expensive.

($195, Alexis Bittar, Saks Fifth Avenue)

Yay! Affordable!

Less money, more yay!

($27, KoloSstudios,
Okay, now I don't necessarily think I'd wear this particular piece, but it is pretty cool.

I guess at this point I'm just throwing stuff up there. Oh well. This is cool.

($5 Buy It Now, eBay)
Doesn't really get more neutral than this.

($7.99 Buy It Now, eBay)
The fact that they're screwback and really old and have shells in them sorta remind me of how you feel sorta depressed when you go to a thrift store in Florida or Palm Springs or something and you know everything in the joint is from dead grandmas. Oh well. These are rad.


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Jolie said...

Beautiful collection..! Palm Beach is one of my most favorite jewelry store.

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