Thursday, May 24, 2007

Neutrals, Natch

Of all the most beautimus colors of the rainbow, who wants to wear boring-ass beige on one's entire person? But I'm loving neutrals for accessories and shoes. A few examples, if you will:

($67, Nicole,
Love these in all of the various hues in which they're made.

($58, Jessica Simpson,
I'm willing to overlook the fact that these are made by the same woman who couldn't properly identify canned tuna since they're so adorable and classic-looking. I also love them in "Cloud."

($49, Nine West)
You can't deny the classiness of quilting. I mean, you just can't.

($89, Steve Madden)
Finally, a Steve Madden pump that doesn't have a five-inch heel.

($13 starting bid, eBay)
For my side-button-shoe-loving co-blogger, MK. There really is something adorably Madeline or Heloise or whatever about a little flat with a side-button.

($1.99 starting bid, eBay)
Vintage Trifari = yay!

($5, eBay)

($100, Kenneth Jay Lane,
My Kenneth Jay Lane obsession is growing by the day.

($75, Kenneth Jay Lane,
Uh, see above.

Uh, gold's sorta neutral, right?

I'm not sure if I could "make it work," but they're pretty cool.

I am in TOTES hearts with this bracelet, blogged here about on

Ok, more jewels TK, but gotta run! MK and I have a PAR-TAY to prep for!

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