Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fantasy Shopping the 3 For $99 Sale is having a 3 for $99 sale on apparel, jewelry and shoes. Since it's Smartbargains, this is less of a fantasy shopping trip, for in its affordability lies the potential for an "actual" shopping experience. But since I'm (sorta) trying to practice restraint, my e-cart shall be abandoned.

So, most of the clothes suuuuuuuuuuuuucked, but I did find some really cute shoes. Here's what I found for you:

($39, Steve Madden)
A cute staple.

($39, Steve Madden)
They also come in white and silver.

($39, Steve Madden)
They also come in an icy, metallic blue and in gold.

($39, Nicole)
These also come in gold, but, oddly enough, I think they're cuter in blue. And again, hurrah for non-skyscraper wedges.

($39, Nine West)
They come in white too, but the reds are far cuter.

($39, Nine West)
Ain't bad.

($39, Steve Madden)
There's a very high likelihood that these could suck in real life, but there's also a small chance that they could be cute.

($34, Kenneth Jay Lane)
There's a ton of Kenneth Jay Lane stuff, and as much as I love his jewelry, this is probably the only piece I'd wear. Eventhough I could make it. (Cough cough.)

($39, Salt Works)
Decently cute in both shades.

($39, Romeo & Juliet)
By far, the cutest of all of the apparel on sale.

($39, Speechless)
... And by far, the worst. Speechless indeed!

Now go forth, and fill up those carts!

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