Friday, June 22, 2007

In Praise of Bubble Hems (and lotsa other stuff)

Why do I love bubble hems so much? I don't rightly know. They just seem And flirty. If you don't like bubble hems, it's like not liking ice cream. Am I right? Here are some delightful bubbly items I've found recently, plus some extra stuff, of course:

Rome & Juliet Couture black jeresey belted mini bubble dress, $66.30. The puffy sleeves are always so flattering.

Romeo & Juliet Couture greay jersey halter bubble dress, $66.30. Granted this is essentially a jersey sack. And yet so cute!

Gap bubble skirt, $19.99. Bubblicious! (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

Victoria's Secret bubble shorts. They look comfy.

A.B.S. navy jersey bubble-sleeve dress, $94.35. Bubble SLEEVES! genius!

Are you the type of person to pay $150 for a sweatshirt?

How about this Diesel bubble-sleeve hoodie? Yeah, $150.

This is majorly cute:
Corey Lynn Calter bubble dress
, $146.

Forever 21 knit bubble dress, $24.80.

Forever 21 tropical woven dress, $19.80. I can't tell if that's a bubble hem or just poor photo cropping, but the description does boast my favorite words: light padding at the bust!

And now for some things that DON'T have bubble stuff:

Whim sateen flutter-sleeve dress, $48.45.

Sweet Pea navy mesh color-block dress, $71.40.

Fashionista "Athena" dress, $96.90. Love the bright kelly green and especially the rolled straps.

Forever 21 tiered sundress, $27.80. A bit Little House, but cute. Right?

Forever 21 plaid halter dress, $24.80. Very cute.

New York & Company city-style sundress, $39.20.

This is sort of interesting, but I wonder if it rides up: Gap shine foldover bikini, $14.99 for the bottoms, $24.99 for the top. This is pretty much my favorite color.

And now for some SHOES!

Why am I drawn to these? Nine West Jumpon ballet flats, $29.99. That elastic looks like it might be uncomf. Anybody have these and care to comment?

UPDATE: A commenter says the elastic is totally comf, and I bought these, in tan and black, on the way home. (The blue was too royal and too bold; I thought it was more of a light blue.)

AND I may even go back for the pink and orange, on account of the commenter's saying she had those and on account of my years-old Steve Madden hot pink ballet flats being pretty beat down at this point. Thanks, anon!

Payless fake patent mary jane heels, $19.99. I love these for some reason! But what to wear with 'em?

Tribeca "Think Fast" ballet flat, $35.79, unless you're a size 8, in which case you pay the full $58. What the???

These are a slightly nicer flip-flop option: Nine West "Bubs" sandal, $29.99. Not really what I'm looking for, but close.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Have the Jump On flats (in pink and orange). The elastic is super-comfy.

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