Friday, June 22, 2007

Chie Mahara Shoes, Et Al

I am seeing nothin' but Chie Mahara shoes lately. And I'm lovin' about 90% of 'em.
They look so well made, and they're allegedly really comfz.

Here goes:

($154, Chie Mahara, Saks)
One of the best pairs of neutral heels I've seen in a montha Sundays, as "we" say in the "South." I might really truly rethink my no ankle straps personal policy.

($310, Chie Mahara,
Love the 1940s-esqueness!

($289, Chie Mahara,
Probably my fave of all. Like walking on sunshine! Weeee!

($162, Chie Mahara,
Swooooony McSwoooonerson!

($310, Chie Mahara,
Chie Mahara, are you trying to seduce me?

($297, Chie Mahara,
I'm yours! I love the selection here.

($297, Chie Mahara,
Oh, behave!

($314, Chie Mahara,
Unbelieveabley gorge.

($325, Chie Mahara,
A tiny bit whack, but also fairly rad.

($219, twenty two shoes)
I love twenty two shoes for similar reasons. Hand-made like woah.

($209, twenty two shoes)
The brown is beautiful too.

($66, F-Troupe,
Totes sophisticado!

($212, Marc By Marc Jacobs,
OMG. WANT WANT WANT WANT. And look at the pic of MJ -- nice, normal MJ! Not scary manorexic MJ!

($45, Nicole,
Quite cute, and not unreasonably high for a wedge. And probably the most affordable item I've ever seen at Oak.

($99, Tracy Reese, Anthropologie)
You only live once. Why not own a pair of ocelet pumps?... I guess...

($48, Urban Outfitters)
Damn you, UO! Keep reeling me back in!

And now, here it is, folks, your moment of morts:
(Approx $111 USD, Irregular Choice (who else?),
Um, exactly HOW did this get past the brainstorming phase and into development?


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