Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stuff I Bought/ Shit I Want

Here a few things I bought for extremely reasonable prices, and then some stuff I want but haven't bought. Yet.


Very simple but exactly what I'm looking for so I can look like I'm not in college anymore when I wear these in lieu of my black Chucks.

I also bought this Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow brush, recommended by a makeup artist. $9 is a beyond reasonable price for a good brush, which this is supposed to be.

Also, I found a promo code for 10%, expires 7/10/07. Here it be: TGTSTM58

I got these. Hopefully they won't suck, but with the promo code I found, that gives you $1.95 shipping, even if they do, no big loss.
Promo code: AFREE, expires 6/30/07

I've been wanting these since late last year. Yay! Also, I thought I got free shipping, but alas, no. Oh wellz.

Now, stuff I DID NOT BUY:
($111, Tahari By ASL,
Really gorgeous color, and it'd make a great fall dress too.

($26, Mossimo,
Really cute jeweled flats! I'm not going to be purchasing them, but it's nice to know they're out there. (For when I change my mind.)

(Apprx $55 USD,
Super purdy. Damn you, Topshop!!


Alison said...

That blue dress is GORGEOUS!!!
I would buy it too <3

G.G. said...

I love the ballerinas and the Topshop dress. Nice picks!

Erinsays... said...

Uh wow... Topshop just completely ripped off Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters has a better version of the dress by Lux in three different colors. I can't include the link but go to UO, hit dresses and it's one of the first ones you'll see, I believe in blue. It's also only $48.

Katie said...

If casual slip-on flats are what you are in the mood for, TOMS Shoes offers a comfortable and funky canvas design in various colors and patterns.

ALSO, for every pair sold, one pair is directly given to a child without for one, its that simple.

Check out to read about the mission and purchase shoes online. For free shipping, use special code: KATIEM at the checkout.

Tamron Lohan said...

erinsays: how right you are! you know, i'd see that UO dress before the TS one. Subconsciously, perhaps I was channeling that. But, eff UO, because they rip off EVVVERYone. Plus, that design was really popular in the '70s and early '80s anyway (I so remember my mom and her friends wearing tops like that -- I even had one and of course it's long gone now) so... what are you gonna do?

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