Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Musts

Okay. Here are just a few cute things to start off your Monday. And one awful thing to ruin it.

($203, Fornarina,
OMG. OMG. It's got little blowdryers on it!!! WANT! NEED!

($280, Mara Hoffman,

($174, Elizabeth Gillett,
This dress would sorta look okay with a really hot tan. Spray-on, of course.

($126, Cachou,
I'm sorta okay with the preppy plaid trend that's going on when it's kept light like this.

($268, Orion,

($246, Salvador Sapena,
Absolutely gorgeous.

($110, Jeffrey Campbell,
Ultimate yellow shoes! At long last, I've found you!

($120, Jeffrey Campbell,
Ohhh Jeffrey Campbell. With one hand you giveth, and with the other you taketh away. This is absolutely terrifying. I love this part of the description:

Pair these knockouts with some ankle stockings for maximum chicness, and try 'em with fishnet socks if you are really adventurous!

... Or if you want to look like a Port Authority meth slut! ( -- ed.)

Toodles, poodles!
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