Sunday, June 17, 2007

Natural Comfort For You, Everything Else For Me

Have y'all been into Natural Comfort shoes? They're definitely not for me, but if I had to wear wedges, these might be the only ones I'd go for. The brand was popular in the 1970s, but it's been recently resurrected, for people like Kate Hudson.

($99, Natural Comfort,
Cute enough.

($99, Natural Comfort, Nordstrom)
Sorta cute...

($100, Natural Comfort, Zappos)
Cuter in teal.

($113, Natural Comfort, Zappos)
Also sorta okay.

($79, Natural Comfort,
Cute enough, in that Chrissy from Three's Company sorta way.

($97, Natural Comfort,
Probably the only Natural Comforts I'd wear, of all these, despite the fact that this pair probably qualifies as regulation shuffleboard footwear.

Okay. Now onto "Everything Else For Me"

(Apprx $214 USD, Beatrix Ong,
Beatrix Ong is the new black.

($49, Seychelles, Nordstrom)
Adorbs! The PERFECT heel height, width and shape. Not too boxy, not too stiletto-y.

($63, Poetic License, Amazon)
ExTREMEly tempting.

(Apprx $143, Fluxa,

($49, Restricted, Zappos)
For some reason, I'm almost into these.

($32, Bernardo,
I'm almost into these too.

($16, Classified, Amazon)
Also sorta cute.

($67, Poetic License, Amazon)
Fun cold weather shoes. And that can't come fast enough, as far as I'm concerned.

Absolutely adorable. This one seems like it'd even flatter curvy boh-days. And, it looks like it'd go well with...

($120, Seven For All Mankind,
... These! Which I may buy. I've gone through several pairs, one of which stretched out to massive too-bigness, another which didn't and now no longer fits - wah. Or rather, I outgrew them. Oh wait... I don't care. Are 7s even in anymore?

($60, Becky Oh!,
Extremely adorbs, via Indiefixx's Summer Shopping & Gift Guide.

K, bye!

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Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Ahem. I believe i have blogged those teardrop-shaped Natural Comforts before. They are adorable, for sure.

Also, I saw those Seychelles and knew you would love 'em. A little 80s for moi. But not for you, apparently! =)

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