Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Glad for Plaid!

Note I did NOT say MAD! Eventhough it's hotter than two bullfrogs here, I've been all about the most-unsummery plaid for some reason. Mucha what I've been admiring is dresses, several of which are by Marc Jacobs. So, I've been reduced to fantasy shopping, but if I were actual shopping, here's what I'd get:

($198, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Shopbop)
Lovely and colorful, but...

($24, Forever 21)
Also lovely and colorful cute and nearly $200 less!

($290, Tibi,

($22.80, Forever 21)
Even more affordable!

($129, Nine West, Nordstrom)
Soooo purdy!

($89, Liz Claiborne, Amazon)
Also fairly cute.

($485, 3.1 Philip Lim,
Not as "dowdy-looking" in the other photos.

($24.80, Forever 21)
Substantial savings, y'awl!

($189, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Neiman Marcus)
Sorry, no viable alternative, but the price is amazing.

($48, Body Glove,
Yes, I actually AM suggesting you buy something by Body Glove.

($64, E.C. Star,
Scary-looking lady, but the top is fun.

($26.99, Paul Frank,
Very presh... for people who can wear short shorts.

Satisfyingly cute but not cloying.

($25, Stephana Designs,
Handmade funs!

($196, Tory Burch,
Now, it's clearly not plaid, but I want to point out that I did purchase a very similar top from f21...

($15.80, Forever 21)
Yo la tengo in red and black. Very cute, comfy and wear-to-work-able.

($220, Volcom,
Super cool, but much moreso for dudes.

($122, Hickey Freeman)
Also cool for hims.

N'sure how much it is, but it's super cute, and it's from World Market.

($25, Paul Frank,
K, it's not plaid, but it sorta feels like it could be related to plaid, doesn't it?

($30, Forever 21)
Again, not plaid but it IS patterned. I threw this in because I was totally surprised to see something so elegante at f21. If I woulda said this was by Cynthia Steffe, you could even believed me! Case in point:
... But... lyin's for suckahs.

($174, Vena Cava,

($104, Talla,
I truly adore this amazing top.

Because I'm feeling charitable, check out this amazing clip of Clay Aiken's soul-crushing horbsness. Why the fuck is he waxing nostalgic about "kids today" like he's some 85-year-old dude who once played the Catskills? Anyway, if you wanna skip over that, head straight for 3:00, where he does his rendition of "Baby Got Back" followed by "Like A Virgin." Seriously. Someone get this kid a tutu.

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