Monday, July 16, 2007

My Favorite Hat, Plus Other Libertine Stuff I Like

I can't believe forgot, in my hats post, to mention my favorite one, the one that started it all!

Libertine for Target bucket hat, $14.99. Embroidered with skulls and whales. Cute! And perfect for the beach.

So, Libertine for Target is now available. Did anyone rush on down to their local branch yesterday to check out the collection? I did not. I may have to brave the shitty Brooklyn location to acquire this hat. Or I may just wait till I'm in the Souf and raid a local (and hopefully pristine) Target. Anyway, here's what else I'll be looking for from the collection:

The tree-print tee, $14.99. Sure, I passed up a ton of this type of thing at the Renegade Craft Fair, but what can I say? It's cute.

Cornucopia-print woven top, $21.99.

Side-pocket skirt in red, $24.99.

Bat-print bermuda shorts, $26.99. These are kinda dubious, but I'm drawn to them anyway.

And...that's about it. I sorta like the duffel bag, but don't really need to purchase it. The accessories pickin's seem kind of slim. Boo. Maybe they have more in stores? Is that possible? Your reports in the comments, please.

1 comment:

Moi said...

Love Cornucopia-print woven top! I just need to come to the States so I can shop at a Target.

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