Friday, July 13, 2007

The Eagle Has Landed

I did it. Tonight I bought a pair of wide-leg jeans. I've always loved the flattering fit of American Eagle's pants, at least (never bought a pair of their jeans before), and went in today in search of flip-flops. The flops were, ridiculously, full price in the store, but $14.95 online (the nerve!), and thus remain unpurchased.

But I did spy a pair of wide-leg jeans that looked pretty good, and I ended up purchasing them, for $49.50. Recommended despite the superlow rise (seriously, no one normal is doing the high-waisted thing). Also, AE is doing some kind of weird "jeans fit challenge" where, if you buy a pair of jeans, that means you're "voting" for that particular line of jeans, even though that vote counts for several different actual styles of jeans. For instance, my wide-leg jeans fall under the Blue Issue label, so my wide-legs count for that, even though several cuts fall under its umbrella (ah ah). And if Blue Issue wins (which is pretty likely, as it has both trendy wide-legs and straight legs, the closest low-rise-loving AE gets to skinnies, though it pathetically tries to pander to the trend with reference to "skinny flares" -- uh huh) , I get a free pair of jeans for "voting"! Which seems unbelievable. And even if Blue Issue doesn't win, as the braceface behind the counter predicted? I get $10 off another pair of jeans. You can also "vote" for free without purchase by mail! Pretty amazing, right? That's how it was explained it to me anyway, and it seems to be borne out by a cursory glance at the official rules. You have till July 24, a week from Tuesday. Short version: GO BUY JEANS NOW!!

1 comment:

ms. spinach said...

those look cute! perhaps i too will buy. i've seen NO cute pairs over here -- so frustratingly behind on the times.

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