Friday, July 13, 2007

Plaid + Topshop-Induced Bibagasm Redux Remixed

A few more items to add before the freakin' weekend...

Per my Archive post:
($550, Biba, Neiman Marcus)
This very vintage-looking Biba bag is blowing my brain.

(Apprx $8 USD, Biba, eBay)
I lurrrrrve this pin, but paying over $3 for a pin would be a problem for me. Unless of course, I were drunk and on vacation.

(Apprx $93 USD, Biba, eBay)
As much awesome-potential as this vintage Biba dress may possess, it sorta skeeves me out that so far five people have bid on a navy blue dress with a dubious Lewinskian stain on it.

($220, Madison Marcus,
And, per my plaid post, this jumper is beyond adorbs.

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