Thursday, July 12, 2007

Girl in a Cardigan, Everybody Digs Her*

Or, at least, John Krasinski does. Since I am totally hummina hummina for him after gorging myself via Netflix on the first two seasons of The Office, I must now acquire cardigans. The cutest possible, because like every cool girl in the world also digs Krasinski, it seems. And so you've gotta step up your cardigan game. A few options:

Lux yellow stripey cardigan, $38. So cute with the skinny belt.

For a bolder look, try this Urban Outfitters rugby stripe cardigan, $54. What can I say? I like yellow.

But I also like gray. Here's a gray cardigan I picked up at H&M recently for $29.90. Wouldn't be worth it but for the pink trim -- and pockets! Gotta love pockets.

And here's a cozy-looking charcoal number from Alloy. Covered-button cardi, $32.50.

Libertine for Target two-tone cardigans in red/pink and, uh, pink/red, $29.99, in stores on Sunday. I've been searching for a cute red cardigan, actually, but I prefer the pink. Go figure!

Ooooh! The red cardigan I've been searching for? Frilly, pretty, feminine? Indeedie! Cartonnier "ruffled cattail" cardigan, $118. Anthropologie actually has a lot of cardigans to chooose from; indulge me in just one more.

Charley & Robin cropped cardigan, $88. Love the high neck and asymmetrical shape.

Alloy cropped cardigan hoodie, $26.50.

This might be my favorite of the bunch: Billabong "Jade" sweater, $54. Note the angled pockets!

This one takes a classic and sexes it up a bit. Isaac Mizrahi for Target fishnet cardigan, $29.99.

All hail prints! J. Crew Egyptian cotton postcard-print cardigan, $100.

J. Crew Egyptian cotton dancing starfish cardigan, $98. So intensely fun! J. Crew's getting a little less boring these days, huh?

Speaking of unboring: L.A.M.B "inset" cardigan, a.k.a. twinset (!), but still very cool, $325.

Edun "Gertrude" cardigan, $215. A nice spin on the nautical motif.

Betsey Johnson leopard-print cardigan, $195.

Betsey Johnson polka-dot cardigan, $265. I would get this is if were, oh, about a tenth of the price. Luckily, there are places for people like me....

Yes, I feel very comfy with this Old Navy scoop-neck babydoll cardigan, $29.50.

I'm not sure if short-sleeved sweaters count as cardigans in John Krasinsky's worldview. Probably not. In my opinion, they're not even really sweaters, are they? We have so much in common! But just in case:

Alloy trapeze cable cardigan, $29.50.

Free People "Leap Frog" chunky cardigan, $88, with cute fabric closure.

Susina cardigan, $42. What a seemingly giant noggin that girl has! Impressive, really.

Once I marry John Krasinksi, I will get him to buy me this Missoni cardigan, $1,355.

*with apologies to ZZ Top, who I bet don't dig girls in cardigans at all.

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Jessica said...

I feel like all I wear is a black cardigan over dresses and I definitely need to diversify my cardi collection in my wardrobe. You have inspired me to go out and get a new one!

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