Thursday, July 12, 2007

Top Shopgasm!

Oh bloody hell. just launched its Archive online -- amazing one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. The best ones, according to me:

(Apprx $507 USD, Lee Bender,
Amazing and gorgeous print.

($365, Lee Bender for Bus Stop,
Also amazing, but more akin to something you might find in your local (read: NOT NYC) thrift store.

(Approx $507 USD, Lee Bender,
Good luck finding this outstanding (yet offensive! -- bonus!) dress at your local thrift store.

More vintage-lookin' dresses:
($240, Castle Starr, YLLI)
Stunning. Want.

($407, Robert Rodriguez, Nordstrom)
This has a gorgeous 1960s, June Carter Cash feel to it.

($193, Cindy Lee,
Also a great '60s-vibe.

($109, What Comes Around Goes Around, YLLI)
I. Have. No. Words...

($184, Tibi, Net-a-Porter)
I hollaed at this dress last week...

($24.50, Wet Seal)
... And Wet Seal hollaed back! Sweeet!

($20, Cheap Monday, Mick Margo via Refinery29)
Um, hi. Cheap Monday jeans for $20! More like Cheap Thursday! I'm off to get a pair!

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