Thursday, July 12, 2007

Shoegasm & More Sexually Charged Objets

That's seriously the name of a chain of shoe stores here in NYC. Shoegasm. For real. The name is so effing horbs, and I have to give it this Yelper for stating perfectly what's so cringe-inducing about this mindless moniker:

"I really don't like when people put "gasm" on the end of nonsexual things to signify that they are in some way sexually satisfying. It's crass, and moreover, it's tired."


However, I'm now going to both lean upon a cliche and shoot myself in the foot (har) when I state that the following shoes basically did cause me to climax into a footwear frenzy:

They're both by Hetty Rose who creates MADE TO ORDER shoes from vintage Japanese kimono fabric. Let me say that again: the she makes MADE TO ORDER shoes from VINTAGE Japanese fabric. Shoes to fit ONLY YOU. And the fact that she's London based is just another reason why you won't see tons of other ladies on Ludlow in your very same shoes. They start at about $600 USD. Eek. Not cheap yet so gorgeous, they cast some bizarre infatuation-like spell that'd nearly possess me to worth fly over there first class to pick them up in person.

And now, more amazing stuff but nowhere near as amazing as those above shoes yet decidedly more affordable.

($474, The Jackson Twins,
Wait, I take that back. These are totally expensy but possibly worth it. I've been seeing lots of Jackson Twins shoes lately, and I truly love everything I'm seeing. I love the not-too-tall heels (most all under 3"), subtle vintage touches and bright colors. Very similar to Faryl Robin.

($441, Beatrix Ong,
Darling, but again, I'm rarely a fan of the ankle strap. I like these perhaps a bit better:

($59, Exchange By Charles David,
Boo again with the ankle strap AND suuuuch a high heel, but then again, the price is right. Also, Smartbargains is having a 3 shoes for $99 sale. Wee! Stock up, bishes!

($59, Arturo Chiang Corina,
Love these in black and in their silver version.

(Apprx $42 USD,
I've been coveting these for a while. I should prolly just get 'em, right??

($17, Soda,
A good staple.

($275, AKA New York,
Not overly crazy about the lacy trim at the bottom, but it just looks so comfy and cool for the swampass summer weather.

($451, Paul Smith)
I've stated before that white people should usually not wear pale yellow. But IF a fair-skinned white person were to break my own personal rule, I might excuse if if it were on behalf of this dress.

($88, French Connection, Zappos)
I positively adore this top but plan on waiting for it to go on super sale. (Still waiting...)

($138, Original Penguin, Zappos)
Also very cute.

(Apprx $30 USD,
Cute, but also for dudes. I'm also going to try NOT to smirk at the name "Top Man."

($275, Antoinette Lee,
A most beauts fall bag.

Now, two footwear mortses:

($79, Michael Kors,

($193, Loeffler Randall,
The rare and evasive horbs Loeffler Randall item. Terrible.

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog!! Recently my friend bought a Michael Kors Cumin Metallic Platform Sandal at just $179.99 from SmartBargains store.....!!!

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