Thursday, August 09, 2007

Birthday Binge! Part II

From the folks who brought you today's Birthday Binge Part 1 comes Birthday Binge Part II: Dresses! Let's get down to bingeness.

($112, Marc by Marc Jacobs,
Dayom. This looks EXACTLY like the Proenza Schouler Tar-jay dress I gots back a few months ago when I ransacked a Target in Tampa:
A sick price for an MJ dress, especially in silk. And I love those boots very very very much too, birthday fairy! (You listening birthday fairy???)

($114, Corey Lynn Calter, Active Endeavors)
There's something sweetly '70s about this.

($175, Corey Lynn Calter, Active Endeavors)
More Corey Lynn Calter loves.

($363, Kara Janx, Active Endeavors)
I absolutely fucking LOVE all of the new metallics Kara Janx is cranking out. They look like they were constructed from lame curtains rescued from a Studio 54 fire sale. And I mean that in a very very good way. I like her kimono wrap dresses, but they were a bit Park Slope yoga mama for my liking, so I love that she's making stuff that's a little more edgy.

($278, Meghan,
This photo is horrible, but I love this fun party frock. It's very Betsey Johnson at erm... Meghan prices!

($275, Nieves Lavi,
Can't.. even... deal with Nieves Lavi's Valencia Fruit Dress. Oy! Vat a print!

($224, Eclipse, Active Endeavors)
So effortless.

($230, Nieves Lavi,
Nieves Lavi Alahambra dress would look amazing over black tights with some black boots, ya hurrrrrd? Too bad they've only got this in 2. Boooo for 2!

($180, Venezia,
This photo is from hunger, but the piece is pretty fantastic, though I'm sure something similar could swiftly be located at Forever 21.

(Apprx $36 USD,
So many accessorizing options. Mmmm. Reds and yellows!

($140, pelin,
Mmm. More of that mustard yellow I love so.

($160, Prospect 44,
I love Prospect 44, and I definitely love this dress, but something about this chick's knees bug me for some reason. Oh well. Check out this black goddess dress, also by the designer.

($195, Sika, Pieces)
Normally I wouldn't be so down with the ethnicy print, but I loooove this.

($89, potipoti,
Bees, please! This looks incredibly comfy and so summery. I love her eyeshadow too, by the way.

($135, Guise For Girls,
My love for orange has been well documented. This bright, juicy slice of goodness is no exception.

($113, Nanette Lepore, Saks Fifth Avenue)
I've binged so hard today that it's really tough to pick a fave item, but this might have to be it.
Okay, I've got plenty more bingin' locked and loaded, so be prepared, Girl Scouts!


Amy said...

why have i never heard of the outline-online site before? their prices are AMAZING.

oh, they have a whole one item in size 12. too bad for me.

Tamron Lohan said...

i know right??? i hadn't heard of it either. i wonder if it's legit.

Tamron Lohan said...

actually, upon further inspection, that site looks MOST DEFINITELY like fake crap. sorry folks.

From their site:
"Since our items are direct from the original factory, including original order, over order, factory over-runs, we can offer our customers these lower-than wholesale prices. For those who are not familiar with the terms, 'factory over-runs' refers to the small quantity of extra products the factory made for selling; the fabrics of these product are also direct from the factory. We don't call these kinds of products authentic, although they are in most cases identical. Occasionally, they may show a little difference from what you see in the department stores. But both the cut and the quality are the same as the original order."

maggie said...

my birthday's on tuesday as well! have a great day :]

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