Sunday, August 12, 2007

Birthday Binge! Part III

And now for the third and final installation of the birthday binge.

($168, TFNC, LF Stores)
Cute, but that's seriously not a dress.

($120, Nanette Lepore,

($150, Parameter,
Oddly cute.

($252, IMSO, LF Stores)
I saw this this weekend in its various colors. It's way cuter in person (unlike most of the horbs stuff at LF, like high-waisted button-up shorts with suspenders. That store is wack, y'all.)


($292, Philip Crangi,

($290, Jane D'Arensbourg, from melted Pyrex.

($78, AH Jewelry,
Love these even more than the peacock feather earrings.

In keeping with my current huge cocktail ring obsession.

I would commit a minor legal infraction for this bag.

($58, Urban Expressions,
I don't have a tiny dog to stick inside this bag, but I still like it for some reason.

($220, Lauren Merkin,
Most totes perfect envelope clutch.

($645, Kooba,
I don't mean to sound like a cheesebag, but this bag is decadent.

($114, Virginia Johnson,
Yes, we all love nauticals, and this is no exception. Now let's get this damned summer over with so we can bust out the Oxford heels already!!!


Jessica said...

That kooba bag is beautiful and I am not a huge kooba fan, it is wonderful.I also love the Parameter top...

G.G. said...

Happy belated birthday! Great picks! Have you noticed just how many of us fashion bloggers are Leos? Mine's coming up on Saturday. I went on a fantasy binge too, and one I could NEVER afford :)

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