Thursday, August 09, 2007

Birthday Binge! Part I

Kay, so Tuesday was my birthday, y'all! And no, I'm not yet 30. So, here's just the beginning of my birthday binge, which is unfortunately just a fantasy binge.

Today's binge is SHOES:

($275, Goka, Pieces)
Snakeskin? Stunning.

($403, Fendi, Neiman Marcus)
Definitely willing to break the ankle strap rule for these. Wood + Lucite = shoe"gasm." And check out the heel detailing:

($855, Louis Vuitton, eLuxury)
Both the heel and the price are a wee bit steep, and true, they're a bit Beyonce, but they're beauts nonetheless.

($210, Dolce Vita, Zappos)
Maybe a bit Mary J. Blige, but also awesome and a steal.

($98, Zinc, Zappos)
Oddly appealing. Very Tapestry-era Carole King. Sorta almost makes me wanna wear a turtleneck in a weird way.

($189, Nike,
Satisfies my inner Pharrell.

($63, Maria Bonita Extra, Shopbop)
Now that I'm getting "older," I can justify wearing wacky shit like orange patent flats!

($445, Brian Atwood, Neiman Marcus)
... And slutty heels in Grandma colors! Yay! Aging rules!


WendyB said...

Those Goka shoes are terrific!

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

i love that the ballet flats are what you think are "wacky." heee....

hooray for button shoes!!

Robin said...

The wood insert is crazy amazing. I love them. Actually love. Like, more than my significant other.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! those goka's are sick!!!

couture said...

goka is a great copier

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