Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday Binge! Part III: The Reality

It's been a week since my actual beeday, but I've also spent a week fantasy binging (mmmm that sounds pleasant!) to bring you the very best of what I'd buy ME ME ME if pesky pennies were no object.

Here's what I bought in reality.

($64, Hayden Harnett)
I've wanted this for months, and it's finally on sale (half off!) just in time for fall. Weee! Also, check out the rest of their sale items: sick!

($60, Urban Expressions, Shopsueyboutique.com)
Um, this was an impulse buy. But it comes with free sunglasses! w00t!

Comptoir Des Cotonniers, La Redoute)
Good fall piece, good price, and it comes with some free weekender bag or something. (I'm such a sucker.)

($70, Jeffrey Campbell, Piecesofbklyn.com)
I bought these but they ended up being sold out. Oh well, because a few months ago, I bought these...
($89, Steve Madden)
I love these. But I've yet to receive them because they're pre-order. Hos.

...So, speaking of Steve Madden, check out some mortses from their new fall line:
($59, Steve Madden)

Per the description: These sneaker slides are a year round staple, sure to become a fast favorite in your casual rotation.

Per me: No.

($109, Steve Madden)
These should stay in the early '90s, where even then, they sucked.

($149, Steve Madden)
Are these even legal? I thought these were banned with foot binding. I can't decide if they're better or worse in yellow:

($109, Steve Madden)
These I actually love. But whyyyyy so high? In typical Steve Madden fashion, their heels are always like 2 inches too too high. Oh well.


Magan said...

Oh God.

Those boots are EFFING GORGEOUS!!!

MasterPoster said...

The La redoute dress is cute, i got their catalogue the other day, real cute stuff...

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