Thursday, August 30, 2007

Celeb Roundup

We don't focus too too much on famous folks here at Chez Binge, mainly because there are more than enough celebrity gossip sites out there, but a few celeb snaps caught my eye today.

I really like the dress Lauren "Don't Call Me L.C." Conrad wore to the Teen Choice Awards. Apparently she designed the dress herself. More pix here.

Also, I was psyched to see that the adorkable Justin Long (who's rumored to be dating Drew Barrymore - !!?!?) was wearing Modern Amusement, an indie Ben Sherman-esque men's line that I absolutely love.

Jennifer Garner does something or other in Japan. She looks so graceful and elegant yet not totally boring. Yay! (Photo via JustJared)

Rihanna looks like someone wrapped her in some kind of haute protective packaging at some bullshit Nascar event. I do like her shoe (singular) though. Looks like Ruthie Davis. (Photo via

I actually think Mischa Barton looks amazing in her Iceberg ads... though not as amazing as she looks on the August cover of Elle UK, despite those unforgivable disco bracelets that look like big, gay cantaloupes or something. (It actually took me a while to realize they were bracelets on her actual arms and not some overlay product shot).

(Photos via

(Photo via
The bangles, by the way are by British accessories designer Scott Wilson, who designed the piece for Matthew Williamson, who I kinda think looks like he could be Mischa's gay cousin. Don't they both sorta have a bit of that weird Care Bear stare situation happening?

Anyway, it certainly looks like she's come a long way from her denim days.

Also, I don't know what's more disconcerting: Amy Winehouse's drug probs or her in a bikini:
(Photo via TheSuperficial)

Also from The Superficial, I'm plotzing over this hilarious depiction of Lindsay Lohan doing drugs in rehab troubles:

According to reports, Lindsay was also said to have been caught having sex in a toilet stall with a male patient. She's also frequently late to meetings and refuses to do any chores or menial tasks such as washing up. Man, even in rehab this woman is unstoppable. She's like the Terminator, but instead of being programmed to kill she's been programmed to party. Earth could get hit by a meteor and Lindsay Lohan would be the only surviving creature, and instead of looking for other survivors or getting help, she'd just drink a beer and try to hump a corpse.

Ahhh it's funny cuz it's troo!

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