Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Loeffler Randall: Right On Target

The other day I done toldj'all about the Loeffler-Randall Target collabo. Now, some pix:

Not bad at all, right? That ballet flat looks like a great staple shoe.

More good shit from Target:
($29, Target)
I've seen these front-slash booties everywhere, including Payless. I'm not sure if I'm lovin' them for me personally, though they do seem like they'd go a long way (har) toward elongated the leggs of sho-tayze like myself. But regardless, I'm stoked Target's got 'em. They come in purple too, which is tres Prince.

($29, Isaac Mizrahi, Target)
I'm also into these, at least in theory. There's something fun about tortoiseshell, though I have no clue why.

($19, Target)
Again, while I wouldn't wear these, I love the idea of them, though I'd love 'em more without the unnecessary ruching. Kthanksbye!


Jessica said...

I love it! I am going to Target this weekdnd and will be looking for these. Awesome price!

Anonymous said...
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