Monday, August 06, 2007

Early Week Shoe Binge

Some swoon-worthy shoes for you on this pointlessly humid Monday, the day before the celebration of the day of my birth!

($195, Maud,
I finally went into the ADORBZ Pixie Market on Stanton yesterday. I totally <3'd this Youtube clip for a tour -- the space is tiny, so this short clip pretty much covers it all (but the part where the owner refers to New York shopping as "boring" is so shitty -- the sort of thing that ONLY someone who owns a boutique in the LES would ever say. Barf.)

($79, Oh... Deer!, Modcloth)
So ridiculous that they actually almost work. Oh... Deer! is fast becoming one of my new fave shoe brands. I even actually sorta like these...
($39, Oh... Deer!)
I doubt I personally would wear them, but they're cool in theory.

(Apprx $297,
If those Oh... Deer! heels are taxi-cab-inspired, then consider these Terry De Havilland heels school-bus-inspired. And speaking of Terry De Havilland, if you were, for some God-forsaken reason, considering purchasing the painted Pop Art mules you saw on Amy Winehouse, that bastion of good fashion sense, she:
(Apprx $692,
They're $70 less on Now you know... But if you're gonna drop that much on shoes, why not make it two pairs, like...
($546, Dolce & Gabbana,

(Apprx $160 USD, Eley Kishimoto,
I believe I've posted these before, but they're on sale. And still! Still so beautiful!

($398, Pedro Garcia,
Defs not on sale, but so classy. However, read the description -- awful.

Serious shoe boner for these (via Shopalicious.)

(Apprx $6 USD,
And, finally... some fun frugal footwear.

Nitey nite!

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