Thursday, August 23, 2007

If You Like Herve Leger, You'll Love...

This shitty knock off!... Or not!


Surely we all remember Lindsay's infamous Herve Leger bandage dress from the Maxim Hot 100 party back in May.

I actually loved this dress. It's outlandish, but so is she, and I think she looked great in it and was smart to let the dress stand on its own and not add any flair or play up her make up. Regardless, as much as I LOOOOOOVE me some knock offs AND I LOOOOOOVE me some ASOS, their version is a shitty disgrace. I don't mind knock offs that are slightly inspired by the real thing (say, a pair of Steve Madden flats that are sorta inspired by Tory Burch), especially when the real thing is so trendy that it's not worth paying hundreds for. But I'm not into trying to pass off knock offs as the real thing, and this doesn't even come close. Usually ASOS is pretty good as making designer-inspired stuff that doesn't look totally regurgitated, but this is way off the mark. It looks like something you'd pick up at Rainbow or Mandee or something. Yuk. Help, ASOS! This is a totes SOS!

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