Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Soundgirl Sample Sale, Y'awl!

My very beloved Soundgirl is having an in-house (sorry non-NYC-ers) sample sale through Thursday, August 23. I hit it up, and here's what I got:

($62, Soundgirl, Fred Flare)
They had this there for $30, I think.

($68, Soundgirl,
I got this but with a purple background. It's a weeee bit snug, but oh wells. It was about $30 also, I think.

($62, Soundgirl, Amazon)
I got this for about $15, but it was missing the sash (boo). I'm gonna cut off the shoulder ruffles. Also, Fred Flare has it on sale for $24.

($46, Soundgirl, Vendima)
This was $30, I think.

Other stuff I admired but did not buy:
($64, Soundgirl, Vendima)
Super cute "Bunny Hutch" dress in London Fog, from their Fall 2007 collection.

($63, Soundgirl, Zappos)
This one was there for about $20.

($64, Soundgirl,
They had this for about $20, but I couldn't find it in the right size, and I truly do not need another hoodie.

Anyway, get thee to Soundgirl! Here's the info:

Lovely People Shoes and Soundgirl Sample Sale!

Wednesday August 22nd and Thursday August 23rd
10am – 6pm

Shoes: $60
Boots: $75
Clothes from $5 – 150

1385 Broadway
5th floor
between 37 & 38th streets
For more information call 212.730.0377

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