Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Loeffler Randall For TARGET!

(photo from nitro:licious)
Oh SHIT yeah, it is ON! Per FWD, via nitro:licious, Jessie Randall of Loeffler Randall will be creating a special line of accessories for Target, scheduled to hit stores in early 2008. I've been pretty chill on the whole big-names-for-less thing that Target's been doing, mainly because despite living in one of the fashion capitals of the world, there's only one Target nearby and it SUCKS and is picked over by hungry rabid fashionistas within 14 seconds. So I've sorta immediately dismissed most hopes of getting my hands on any of it. But I might definitely be willing to throw some 'bos over the Loeffler Randall stuff. We'll have to see. The Hollywould for Target stuff? Uh, that can stay there. Shit looks like XOXO stuff you'd see at TJ Maxx.

In other collabo news... check out this gorge dress that's part of LaRedoute's new Christian Lacroix line:
($199, Christian Lacroix for La Redoute)
And I do believe that's one Miss Lily Cole herself in the outfit. It's a gorgeous piece, to be sure, but it's a bit too costumey for me, in practice. It's also beauts in black, yet slightly too goth for my tastes.

($299, Christian Lacroix for La Redoute)
Gorgeous in a very "We'll always have Paris" way, though not practical in a "Drunk on the F train" way.

Also... check out Patricia Field's new line:
($95, Patricia Field for
Sorrrta ridiculous, but... consider the source! Note: um, I'd suggest wearing these with OPAQUE black tights as opposed to sheer thigh-highs with a garter. But then again, I'm not a prostitute.

($96, Patricia Field for
Fun! Very Betsey Johnson.

($96, Patricia Field fer
Cute, though I'm not feeling its $96-value.

Finally, I'm in the market for a new denim jacket -- I've had my reliable yet completely fashionable Old Navy one for probably like close to six years now, and the elbows, or lack thereof, are starting to show it. I don't mind this Bitten by SJP cropped denim jacket:
(Via Fabsugar)

We do have a Steve & Barry's here in New York. But it's located in the Godforsaken Manhattan Mall, a shopping experience so dire it completely eradicates your will to live. Or shop. Or both. Or whatever. Meaning: it's so depressing it's not even worth the Bitten experience. Which isn't much of an experience at all from what I've heard. And WTF is up with this crap? The Budget Fashionista was ordered by Steve & Barry's lawyers to remove Bitten photos she'd posted back in March. That's always so ridiculous to me, since they clearly don't understand the idea of free publicity, attracting buzz and... oh yeah... ATTRACTING ATTENTION. Ridiculous.

And I was really glad to see that issued Sarah Jessica the smackdown she so deserved for acting like she's freaking Mother Theresa because she designed some cheap jeans. I too read that Glamour issue and thought it was completely absurd to shoot her in "her! own! line!"... oh yeah, and a $2,255 Burberry Prorsum dress. Stars! They're just like us! Except heinously overpaid and with a nauseatingly overblown sense of purpose!


WendyB said...

ROTLMAO @ "then again, I'm not a prostitute."

ambika said...

Can you get out of my head? I felt the same way about Bitten but gave SJP even less of a chance than Glossed Over. Now that I've seen their article, I *really* have no time for that line.

I have a Gap jacket I got from the thrift store practically new. It's worth it to avoid the mall (Northgate and Manhattan must both have been built on top of hellmouths.)

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