Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Awful Vs. Awesome

UPDATE: Eff you, Blogger! Apparently the confucked tool ate some of the pix in this post. So I've reposted them. Thanks go out to ad hoc QA committee JnLRswk, who alerted me to the full-on morts and claims that Fashionbinge "is like a free Lucky Mag but funny." Awww!

And now, it's time for another edition of Awful Vs. Awesome (tm), the game where point out something awful and follow it up with something totally awesome.

First Awful:
($793, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Zappos Couture)
I've already started seeing these EVERYWHERE. They're so shitty. Like a paper bag cinched around the top of an otherwise perfectly acceptable boot. Marc, we already know you're a ground breaker. Please don't try to reinvent the wheel. Or the boot as the case may be.

($495, Belle By Sigerson Morrison, Plazatoo.com)
Thank you, Belle, for this gorgeous, graceful, unmolested boot.

($129, Vince Camuto, Nordstrom)
Waste of toe space.

($197, Michael Kors, Nordstrom)
What would Prince do? Buy these. And that man's funk is always on point.

($160, Michael Kors, Plazatoo.com)
Funky if you wear Lee Mom Jeans.

($16, Forever 21)
Simple, silver, sold!


($69, Jeffrey Campbell, Solestruck.com)
See what I mean about the Irregular Choice-esqueness of Jeffrey Campbell? These look like someone desecrated the Japanese flag. He giveth with one hand and taketh with the other.

($49, Very Volatile, Lulusfashionlounge.com)
Cone head = bad. Cone heel = very good.

Also, enter promo code SEVENTEENROCKS for 20% off. Woo!

($450, Isabella Fiore, eLuxury)
Nothing says "gauche" like teetering atop 4.5" inches of embroidered peacock and patent leather!

($150, Salvador Sapena, Asos.com)
Perfect in every way.

($698, Etro, Zappos Couture)
PUTRID in every way!

($245, Juicy Couture, Plazatoo.com)
These are very sweet in a holiday-spirit, trimming-the-tree sorta way (even though I'm Jewish, so they're sweet in what I'd image in a trimming-the-tree sorta way.) I also love that these are nearly the exact same shoe but for way way less:
($23, Classified, Lulusfashionlounge.com)
Hooray 4 knockoffs!

($250, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Plazatoo.com)

($20, Target)
Very cute, no creepy Bedazzled embellishments.


($67, Era Of Chaos, LF Stores)
Seriously... what the FUCK is going on here? Not only do these look like an imitation of those Imitation of Christ jeans they sewed Scarlett Johansson into at their runway show back in ought-5, but they look so uncomfortable that if you sat in them at work all day, you'd have potentially sterlized yourself by COB.

($89, Banana Republic)
Even I am mortified that I'm into something from Banana Republic, but these are really really cute. Via Stylebakery's Fall Jeans Guide.

($102, LF Stores)
Um, did we learn NOTHING from Jennifer Hudson's Oscar-on-Oscar shrug fiasco???

($274, Mint, Pinkmascara.com)
Yes, you actually CAN wear metallics without looking like a member of Daft Punk.

($48, What Comes Around Goes Around, Activeendeavors.com)
Duuuude. Dude. Duuuuuuude. This reminds me of what the grandparents sleep in in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Worst.

($62, Soundgirl, Fredflare.com)
Yes, you can wear a striped dress without looking like you're wearing a mumu. I, for one, will be wearing this dress shortly, as I just bought it! Weee!

Say goodbye, Jennifer!

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Amanda said...

I just found this blog and was reading back through the posts. I am at work and started crying from laughing so much at this post when reference was made to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

you've made my day!


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