Monday, August 20, 2007

Lucky Finds

Briefly, because frankly I'd rather be reading a book, but have been berated for my blog laziness, I present a series of things I have stickered in the past three issues of Lucky, which are now, thank goodness, in the trash where they belong. I doubt I will be buying most of this stuff, but just in case, here they are:

Old Navy trouser jeans, $34.50. Looked really hot in the ad, and probably on you, too. It's just a universally flattering cut. Yay!

Payless faux patent-leather T-strap sandals, $19.99.

I wanted to highlight the "felted-wool skirt," a mod little mini, but I guess it's not available. Here's another orange J. Crew skirt instead. Stretch vintage cord straight skirt, $68.

Alice Temperley for Target wool jacket, $34.99. Not sure about this one, really. But the collection looks like it will have a lot of nice black and gray layering pieces, which sounds good to me right now. Really not sure why this pic downloaded all Violet Beauregarde-like.

You'll just have to imagine this Express cardigan, $44.50, in a nice vibrant royal blue. They're only showing it in black on the website. Stupid Express!

Camper "Casi Natural Cuna" boot, $235. Love these. Wish they were in black though.

Xhilaration large tartan tote bag, $17.99. Cheap enough that if you're like me and can't decide whether you like the tartan or the houndstooth better, you could buy both.

I have recently developed a strange love of houndstooth. Worn correctly (i.e. not stuffily), it's just so cool!

This wasn't in Lucky but I like it a lot. Xhilarataion pocket tote bag, $13.49. I do believe Target will be getting some of my money soon....

I was going to finish with a pair of flats, but Carl walked in and said, "By the way, those are horbs." And you know what, he was right. Instead we have this jeweled half-inch heels, the Nine West "Giove," for $79. Also in gray and black, but hey, I like color.

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