Thursday, August 23, 2007

Marc Jacobs Hast Lost His Skinny Little Mind

I know he's had himself some trouble with the white stuff, but did the party powder leave him with Swiss cheese brain? Observe:

($995, Marc Jacobs, Barneys)
These are the best of the worst. Still, there is no instance imaginable that would make these acceptable.

($398, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Zappos Couture)
I give it a month before Jessica Simpson's photographed walking out of The Ivy in these. (Note: that does NOT make them right!)

($385, Marc By Marc Jacobs,
Or in these.

($185, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Bergorf Goodman)
Dude. Seriously. Come on. Seriously? Dude! This is some Payless shit!

($228, Marc By Marc Jacobs, eLuxury)

($873, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Zappos Couture)
Sigh. Real bad news. Where to even begin? These look like something I would've seen in like 1988 at like, Wild Pair at the mall and BEGGED my mom to get me so I could wear 'em do the Roger Rabbit in 'em at the middle school mixer. At least that memory isn't even real -- it's just a figment of a made-up memory and not a real one, unlike the actual memories of those who currently own these and will wear them and then sadly look back one day, 17 years from now, in horror. Regret's a bitch!

At least I would not regret owning this:
($1,650, Marc Jacobs,

1 comment:

WendyB said...

I love the zippered boots, I must confess! They remind me of color-blocked, zippered Anne Klein boots from a long time ago. I saw someone wearing them last year and they looked awesome. She actually had them from when they first came out: "vintage" from her own closet. I'll have to see if I can find a picture.

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