Monday, September 03, 2007

Awesome Shit, Some On Sale

Two collections of gorgeous items. They're all lovely. They're just not all within my budget... Oh who am I kidding -- I can't stick to a budget.

($865, Christian Louboutin, Saks Fifth Avenue)
Prettier than the prettiest princess in the pod. Sigh.

($578, Anna Sui,
Very cute. But maybe a little TOO early '60s??

($545, Thomas Wylde,
My favorite piece of the post.

($395, Michael Kors, Saks Fifth Avenue)
Nothing earth-shattering here, yet I just love it.

($350, Milly,
So elegant. So perfectly wintery. So want it.

($265, Jalda, Saks Fifth Avenue)


($496, Stella McCartney,
... Because you know a good deal when you see one. Plus, the layering practically means you get three tops for the price of one!

($339, Zac Posen, Saks Fifth Avenue)
Surely this is even cuter in person. And with some cute opaque tights and booties.

($312, Botkier,
This is half beautiful, half looks like it came from within.

($258, DKNY)
If you can find a more versatile dress, lemme know.

($229, Ports 1961, Saks Fifth Avenue)
Gorgeous, eventhough this does sorta look like something you'd find at H&M.

($145, Mike & Chris,
Come and just TRY to tell me this dress isn't serious sexytime. And NOT just because this chick probably isn't wearing anything underneath. Ahh... just PERFECT for the office, no?

($97, Cass Guy,
How perfect would this look under a grey or navy cardigan?

($95, Plenty By Tracy Reese,
I know I've posted this before, but I rediscovered, and now it's even closer to cold weather time. Yay! Get it! (Whoops. My inner voice started typing).

($88, Dusty Of California,
Utterly adorable. I can't even deal with all of the what-to-wear-on-the-bottom options that this dress comes with.

($85, James Coviello, Saks Fifth Avenue)
Normally this sweater would NEVER be my thing, but it just has some sort of Natalie Portman je ne sais qoui. Although I'm fairly positive that simply wearing this sweater wouldn't magically give me an adorable pixie cut and perfectly placed mole. Though I didn't read "The Secret," and perhaps I should.

($75, Naughty Monkey,
This is a prime example of the type of thing I probably wouldn't dream of getting on my own, but then I'd stop by a friend's apartment on our way to go to the movies, and I'd just pop in to use her bathroom really quickly because it's on the way to the theater, and these would just be sitting on her living room floor next to the paper, and I'd see them and be like HOLY FUCK WHERE'D YOU GET THOSE? WHAT THE FUCK? THOSE ARE FUCKING AWESOME! And she'd blow it off because to her they're no big deal and totally her and we'd maybe be running late to the movie, but then all I'd be able to think about for like the next week would be those boots. And the movie would be totally ruined for me. That's how sick these boots are. At least to me.

($69, Dolce Vita,
Great, huh?

(Apprx $50 USD,
These are so fun, but they'd be hard to wear without running the risk of some d-bag at work or something coming up to you and bein' like "So, you're bringin' the '80s back, eh, Material Girl?" or something completely lame like that, so it almost makes them not worth it...

(Apprx $30 USD,
So you're probably best off going with something like this. Ugh. I hate d-bags.


poop magee said...

I read somewhere that footless tights are so yucko now. Please tell me it's not true. I like not wearing pants.

Christine said...

wow, that milly dress. my life has a purpose now...i live to get my hands on it!

G.G. said...

I'd say get the yellow clutch, the yellow and white top, and the blue Topshop heels. Looks like yellow and blue are still the hot thing in the spring :)

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