Monday, October 29, 2007

Broke & Skinny

You may not be rich, but at least you can LOOK skinny with the aid of skinny jeans, right ladies? I mean, HELLOOOO! Priorities! Live fast and fuck dieting: just suck it in and charge these slimifying pants! Wee!

Pooooor Posh. If only she were A LITTLE thinner, she could totally be my thinspiration. But, until she sheds at least 15 pounds (at LEAST!), she'll have to remain a heifer. I do love her jeans though. They're by Superfine:

($287, Superfine,

($260, Superfine,
A nice winter wash!

($108, Citizens Of Humanity,
LOVE these. They'd look so cute with some black boots and a purple and black flannel.

($235, Sass & Bide,

($226, Judi Rosen,
I know I've said that I'm basically anti colored jeans, but I will defend my hypocrisy by saying the following: these aren't some ridiculous color usually reserved for ice cream or emergency vehicles. Blue is a NATURALLY OCCURRING shade of denim. And these are adorable.

($321, Twenty8Twelve,
No, Sienna Miller really doesn't need the $300 or whatever percentage of each sale she receives. But these are HAWT.

1 comment:

rus-tussin and fightin said...

who's ass wouldn't look morts and flat in those Judi Rosen jeans?

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