Saturday, October 27, 2007

Comfy Cardis!

My cardigan and knit obsession continues, especially in goes-with-anything greys and blacks. Here are several cardis, sweaters and other knits I so deeply desire:

($150, Clue,
But will I look as pouty and impossibly small-waisted if I buy this?

($306, Alexander McQueen,
I normally can't stand wearing clothes with brands plasted across them, but this isn't too obvious. Plus, graffiti = funs!

($228, Marc By Marc Jacobs,
This is so effin' cute. Subtle too. Deeeelightful!

($235, L.A.M.B.,
Due to the placement of the knit straps, I'd prolly advise not wearing this is you're over a small B-cup, lest your boobs push the belts so far to the sides that they get swallowed up by your pits. Regardless, I sorta love the lederhosen vibe this cute little sweater gives off.

($63, Priorities, Bluefly)
A striped, zippy hoodie cardi is such a necessity that they even named it PRIORITIES!

($194, Nom*D,
One for the dudes! I'm sorta unsure how I feel about longer stuff on dudes (save for a nice 3/4-length coat, but I guess this is sorta similar.

($245, C&C California,
Can you make it through the winter without a dark cashmere cardigan? (Or a reasonable facsimile -- a reasonable facsimile being at least $150 less and probably NOT cashmere?) No. No you cannot.

($258, Juicy Couture, Nordstrom)
Love the dainty little ruffling -- usually I HATE ruffles, but this is just non-intrusive enough. And I love the heather grey version too.

($29, Target)
I realized most of the stuff I posted was well above the FB affordable standard, so here's one from Ol' Faithful, Targz.
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