Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jeweled Clutches!

Ay mami! I've been sitting on this topic for so long my ass hurts. No excuses! Post time! So many jeweled clutches, so few occassions to use a jeweled clutch!

Let's start with the completely unattainable ones, shall we?

($1890, Devi Kroell,
Amazing. Too bad Devi Kroell didn't feature any of these in her Target collection.

($2,495, Leiber, Neiman Marcus)
A piece of art, I tell you! Sadly, just a few thou outta my tax bracket.

($580, Burberry,
Oh mah stars. Love the geometrical designzorz.

($1255, Burberry)
Ah... Burberry. You tease, you! So close yet so far away.

($98, Steve Madden, Macys)
Oh Steve Madden. You make lovin' fun!

Not bad atall. I like the different jewel types.

($28, Lulus)
Super cute, and I love the zipper pocket on the back! Lulus done does it again!

Easy peasy! Love the purple one.

($38 Buy It Now, eBay)
OMG. LOVE. Need. Might... buy. But I already have a green clutch. But can you EVER have enough green clutches, I ask?

I can't decide if this is cute or a mini trainwreck... like, not a complete wreck, but more of a derailment.

($55, Betsey Johnson, Amazon)
I've blogged about this before, and now I'm blogging 'bout it again because I still want it. Wah!

Love love love. And no, it's not jeweled -- technically it's "plated," -- but it's close enough.

No, it's not a clutch, but it is jeweled, and it IS ridiculous, and I DO love it.


Shelly said...

If I could only choose one, I'd have to go with the Burberry clutch with the wrist strap. Wanna make sure I keep that bling attached to a dominant appendage.

IDK, MY BFF JILL? said...

There's some great jeweled clutches in the "pink aisle" of Toys R Us. And these look just about the same. Just sayin'.

WendyB said...

Oh,I love the Devi Kroell.

Tamron Lohan said...

chicago jp, you are CUT OFF FROM THE BINGE! binge ban!
wendyb: as you were, dear! you too, shelly!

IDK, MY BFF JILL? said...


What if I say I like the Kroell one, too? Can I be unbanned puh-leese?

BUT TRUTH BE TOLD: The rest look like there were done w/ a Girl Scout Troop with a glue gun. Can I get a arts-n-crafts badge up in here?

Tamron Lohan said...

IDK JP, you're skatin' on thin ice!

Kevin said...


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