Monday, October 08, 2007

Extremely Cute Shirts With Animals On Them

God. I'm at the age where the only reason I should be buying t-shirts with animals on them is for my kids. But kids are noisy, and cats are basically silent and super cheap, so I have the latter and not the former. And when it comes to kitties and ponies, I regress to a five-year-old girl, so I guess it sorta all balances out that way. Anyway, here are a bunch of cute tees with animals on them. Hee!

($24.50, Doe, Delias)
AC/DC or AC/DC rip-off tees are usually soooo effing lame, but just wook at the widdle kitty face! I wanna adopt him and wuv him. And adopt and love this shirt.

($13, Heavy Rotation,
1970s tripped-out comfy kitty cuteness!

($43.99, Haru Urara,
I could give a fuck about horseracing, except for the mint juleps, but this shirt (for dudes... or girls who like big shirts...) is awesome. (Via

($27, RVCA,
Yay! Awesome shirt for dudes! *Sorry, but almost all dudes look hot in light blue. Love the stitching on the shoulders. (Via

You know how Bret/ Brit from Flight Of The Conchords almost exclusively wears ridiculous animal t-shirts normally only worn by chubby little fourth-grade boys from the Midwest? Yet he's so fucking astoundingly, unreasonably hot that it doesn't even matter? This is totally a Britt/Bret/ Brit shirt.

Everything about this shirt is awesome and makes me laugh. Especially thinking about the Kool-Aid man's many surprise appearances on "Family Guy" and when he showed up to a movie premiere with Drew Barrymore.

WHAT THE SHIT? How is ANYONE this hot??? (Besides my boyfriend, of course!)

* Especially if they're already hot to begin with.


Anonymous said...

haha that is one of my main motivations for watching flight of the conchords. besides, of course, the fact that the show is hilarious.

Tamron Lohan said...

God. I can't believe it took THAT long for someone to ring in and agree with brit's hotness!!!!!! SICK!

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