Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Madden Madness!

New Yorkers, take note: the Steve Madden store on the corner of Rivington and Ludlow has opened, and the prices are, to quote Crazy Eddie, IN-SANE! It's two pairs for $30 or one pair for $20, with a frantic sample-sale atmosphere to match. They get new stock in every day, I overheard a staffer claiming, and since I've been there twice now, and seen a way different set of merchandise, I believe it. The best items, in my opinion, are not the Steve Madden and Steven stuff, though some of that is cool too, but the Natural Comfort line, which I guess Madden owns now. I got the following two pairs:

Natural Comfort K9 wedges...

and the Natural Comfort S5 wedges. Intensely cute, no? And only $30 total! How can you go wrong?

They also had these...

Natural Comfort D100 platforms...and a ton more, at humongous discount, since these shoes retail for $100 and up. If you're in the city, I must insist you go!

P.S. On an unconfirmed, gossipy note: the Village Voice sez Madden opened the store to stick it to the folks at Dolce Vita (who also have some great shoe sales at their shop a few storefronts up Ludlow), because the line was started by some ex-Madden employees. Revenge is a dish best served cheap, I guess!

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