Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Help Me Find This Jumper!

Homegirl over at SovereignState posted an image of a super cute pink and grey checkered flannel jumper as part of her Fall Fashion Wishlist. I have now added it to MY wishlist:

The problem is, however, I have NO idea where it's sold. I do know it's $39. JP (of Chicago) said it looked maybe like Lulu's Fashion Lounge, though a search proved fruitless. Mary-Kate told me, unsolicitedly that she did not like it (boo! says the girl who LIKES the jester tights!) and said it's perhaps from Delia's. Also a good call, but after that search, I'm still emptyhanded!

HELP a flogger out!

1 comment:

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Yo, comments are awesome. People should really comment more. Not that I wish to encourage you, T, but the jumper in question can be purchased here:


I learned from COMMENTS at the aforementioned blog! Yay!

Also, for the record, BOO to blogs that don't realize they are providing a service to readers and oughtta, like, say where shit is from and how much it costs and stuff.

At Fashion Binge, we cool like dat.

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