Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bag Hag

Many many bags I'm lusting after, none of which will ever truly be mine. Wah!

($695, Botkier,
Sigh. The elusive Botkier Sophie tote. So gorgeous. So grey. So expensive. Frowny face.

($695, Botkier,
Just as delicious and enviable in "Raisin." And so much better than regular raisins. Wah.

($499, Mike & Chris,
Mmmm. Mike & Chris. Love this grey (duh) slouchy leather bag. And I like that it's not uncomfortably super huge.

($1,350, Marni,
Perfect for my jaunts... to... Target.

($660, Marni)
Wah. Even the teensy Marni coin purse is too spensy.

($195, Isabella Fiore,
So fun. It's technically a wallet, but for $200, it's a clutch as far as I'm concerned.

($113, Mat & Nat,
Speaking of clutches, this one is so cute!

($101, Mat & Nat,
I'm not usually into metallic bags, but this one is both small and not too like HEY! LOOK AT ME! I'M TRENDY AND METALLIC!

($445, Karman Sarwar,
Unlike this horrendous "fan bag." Gah! No one should ever have to suffer the indignity of being seen with this bag.

1 comment:

poop magee said...

stop teasing us with the unaffordable stuff!

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